Cpenhagen, Denmark
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19th IMAST
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The dominant language among the citizens of Denmark and Copenhagen is Danish.

Denmark's national currency, the krone (plural: kroner), is de facto linked to the Euro at the rate of approximately 7.46 kroner per euro. However, the exchange rate with the US Dollar an other world currencies fluctuates constantly.

Copenhagen is in the oceanic climate zone, bordering on a humid continental climate. As the city is in the path of Atlantic low-pressure systems, Copenhagen experiences unstable and changing weather patterns in all four seasons, as well as temperatures about 5 degrees higher than average for its latitude worldwide. (about 55 Degrees North).

Summer is, like the other seasons, a mixture of southwestern mild, windy and rainy low pressure systems, and periods of stable high pressures. In summer, high pressure systems usually bring sunny and fairly warm weather. But these warm periods, which can occur anytime from late April until mid September, usually last no longer than ten days. Temperatures in July range from 55 F / 13 C to 70 F / 21 C.


Time Zone
Copenhagen is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (2 hours ahead during Daylight Savings Time).